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"Romanis Magicae" is launching its second Kickstarter on June 17th!

Click either logo to check out the pre launch page on Kickstarter, or scroll down to check out more below!

Logo of "Kaijus & Cowboys" comic

On an alien planet, a lone Hunter robot wanders across the land, protecting his fellow robots from vicious kaiju and fighting to make a new home for his human masters.


Written by: Matthew Blair

Illustrated by: Frankie B. Washington

Lettered by: Mike Stock

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Logo of "Romanis Magicae" comic

In the slums of ancient Rome, a disgraced former legionary must team up with an escaped oracle and her caregiver, a disgraced priestess, an ex slave, and a pair of petty thieves to fight a powerful sorcerer who threatens to destroy the city!

Written by: Matthew Blair

Illustrated by: Paul Peart-Smith

Colored by: Eva de la Cruz

Lettered by: Micah Myers


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